Brand Overview

Convenience of ordering during busy work days, schedule-packed evenings, and lazy weekends.

  • Get real-time updates on your order when you use the Delivery Tracker
  • Get your hungry pals in on the action and make sure they get what they want with Group Ordering
  • Order the way you want through the OrderUp website and app

Choice in all aspects of your delivery experience.

  • Choose from the most loved restaurants in your area 
  • Our menus make it easy for you to customize your order
  • We offer exclusive deals and menu items

Value in what you are getting delivered and how you benefit. 

  • Weekly deals save you money on the most crave-worthy foods
  • We offer trial incentives through newbie codes and coupon codes
  • We encourage our customers to tell their friends about OrderUp with a referral program 

Innovation drives our platform forward, beyond the competition.

  • Our Driver App offers a better experience for the driver and consumer
  • Our design is clean an intuitive for easy ordering
  • We use data to support our delivery operations and continuously innovate 

Local marketing allows us to be a part of the community while earning the trust of the market’s workers, students, and residents.

  • We are your neighbor in the know 
  • Local teams build brand trust with the community and restaurants through on the ground activities and social media
  • We live, work, and play in the community

Trust in the product, the technology, the delivery, the team.

  • World-class support, always helpful
  • Transparent. We show all delivery fees
  • We’re our own customers. We find flaws and always push to make the product better
  • We are backed by Groupon
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